Seattle 2075

Vory Clusterfrag

I don’t even know what to say. This is not how I’m used to working. When things go wrong waving a gun around and yelling just calls attention to yourself. And when you have your face a tatted up people will remember. People don’t forget that kind of shit.

The whole day has been a shit show. When people talk about conspiracy theories they never think they will end up in one. But here we are right in the fucken middle. Up to the chip slots in it.

We found a whole list of lost codes and that’s the thing with data. It never goes bad. Their is ¥ here for the taking and one needs to just reach out and take it. The trail wasn’t that hard to follow I’m surprised no one has worked on this puzzel before. The old man’s apartment looks like him , antique.
Old Ben was on point doing the Astral thing. Things were all 5 by 5. Then it went bad. Really bad real quick. These new guys draw down quick. The dial goes straight to 11 just like that (snap). The ork just put his size 12 boot right through the door. And these new guys just poured into the room. That way makes noise and sure enough the geezer was screaming his head off. The other antiques, being nosy fucks like always came into the hall. The keb figured it out quick though. But again in a way people will remember. No one’s going to buy he’s a pawn with that face tat. Their human resources department is way to up tight for that.( Nothing below the elbows . Nothing above the neck). And still the knights got a call. Glad I was watching the wire or we would have had a O.K. coral situation. Good thing Ghoul knows that “black” knight. Or it would have been bloody. Bloody loud and deadly. But im starting to think the new guys like that.

They did find the stash in the closet and with the codes they were in. It was a depot. Guns and new faces. This has all the markings of a Mirror shade hit squad and I know we will find a string 9f these if we can connect the dots.

But will any of us live to see it through. I’m really beginning to wonder. I picked the wrong day to quit smoking. I used to rag on all those people who smoked ecig. They looked like they were sucking on a street samurais chrome dick. And now I’m one of those fucks….Now I’m the cyborg dong sucker. And I’m looking at time hanging or ending up on a slab. Way to much stress for kicking my favorite organic vice….

- Cobalt Blue


RoboCopsGoneMad RoboCopsGoneMad

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