Russian arms dealer


Contact of Ghost Bear

When the weapons cache from the Denny Square Massacre was revealed, Team Quattro Ghost Bear reached out to unload them for a big pay day. That is, after hand picking a few toys for themselves. It wasn’t until they arrived at the meet, and showed off the weapons, that they realized how many guns Fun Ghoul had tried to squirrel away for himself. The Vory buyers, angry at the disrespect tried to take the rest of the guns.

Then, in a misguided effort to pacify the Vory, Fun Ghoul revealed the existence of the 16 codes that had led them to the cache. Intent on the codes, the Vory attacked, and half the building was blown to hell. Yuri was forced to lay low until things blew over.

When they did, and after the Project Gypsum investigation was resolved, he was able to complete the sale.



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