Orc Underground CTO


Young highly skilled orc decker, ex flame of Topsy. Essentially the technical chief-of-staff for the Orc Underground. Heavy drug user.

Turbo thinks of himself as the steely eyed pragmatist that gets stuff done in the Ork Underground. He listens to strategy from his superiors, and knows the best way to execute it given the resources available. He is well aware of the strategic goals for the Underground, and is always managing the people around him towards those ends. He’s not a Captain of this ship, he is the XO.

This makes him unpopular with folks pretty often. He’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t even bother explaining the tradeoffs he’s making that result in people not getting what they want, the way they want it. At first people get pretty pissed, but anyone who’s been involved with the Underground for more than a year has seen that his methods always yield results. Eggs get broken but omlettes always get made.

Physically he is a pretty big guy, with a pretty deep voice. His tusks are very pronounced, the tips come nearly up to his cheekbones. He shaves his head with a combat knife, and on his skull is a tattoo of a family of spiders. The tattoo looks like it has caught his datajack and antennae in it’s web and it is preparing to pounce for the kill.

Matrix avatar is a bull, marks look like calcified bone deposits. Very brash and cocky in the ’trix. He comes from a style of just bricking everything so you can walk in and beat ass. Cutting through the ICe in a host is something he had to learn patience for.


Turbo was born and raised in the Underground. He lived through Prop 23 and Brackhaven. He’s lost both parents, two brothers and a sister to civil strife induced violence. 1 sister remains, who he doesn’t talk about. She runs a daycare in the underground.

Turbo would be considered a “townie”. He’s been out of the Seattle Metroplex a few times, but not very far. Went on a couple runs in the NaN, and even went to the Tir once. He fraggin HATED that, though he did feel that orks were pretty well treated there.

Plays drums.


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