Throwing shade in astral space


Talismonger, operates a shop downtown. Full street name Harrow. Contact of Benzine.


An elven expatriate from the southwestern NAN, his fast and loose style forced him out. Running a failing talisman shop in Seattle, he receives most of his goods from Koshari Talisleggers, with the help of the Ancients, or artificers from the street that more disciplined schools would overlook or disdain to use.

Early on he helped a young Benzine with his magic from time to time, introducing him to the Chaos tradition. He took a laissez faire approach to his education, with no lesson plans and just winging it from day to day. He ultimately let the troll guide and dictate the course of his learning which led to the initiate to more flashy spells like napalm. A more responsible elf would be chagrined about the path, but not Harry. He thought it was exciting.

Finn’s brusque and rude manners, not to mention his volatility, keep him at an arms length. In spite of all that he has a soft spot for what he sees as a kindred spirit as they’re both outcasts, and also a loyal customer. It was for both of those reasons that Harry gave Rev Finn’s contact when she was calling for help on Team Quattro’s first job at Lincoln Towing.

Was finally introduced to the team during the headhunting gig for The Van Casper Clinic where he sleazed his way to free drinks all night in true Harry fashion.

Reaching Zero
With all of his contacts drying up and his business still struggling, Harry has recently decided to start selling Deepweed. Like the chaos mage he is, he’s utilizing anything and everything he can.

Riots for a Riot Grrrl
In the end, the hustle Harry had been running had been to save his own skin. He had been dealing to raise money for a magical artifact that would heal the cancer that was eating away at his body. Once the charge was used up, he was more than willing to let his friend Benzine use it to save Roxy, their friendship growing stronger over the recent months as the pair matured more.

When she wound up dead though, Turbo accused him of having his hand in it. The orc wanted to keep him on hand just in case despite Harry’s, Benzine’s, or even Ellipse’s protests. In the end, Benzine got the orc to see reason, and he let the elf go home. It might have upset a less easy going person, or a man that didn’t feel like he owed the rest of Team Quattro something.



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