ex-journalist, orc underground elder


Orc Underground elder, ex journalist. Astral guru. Advised Benzine on his first initiation.


Ellipse is an older ork that is respected as a Seattle area journalist, magician of the Shamanic tradition, and an elder on the Underground’s council. He took an interest in Benzine as he squatted in the thoroughfares of the underground, helping to guide him towards a greater sense of self, and ultimately the concept of T.R.O.L.L. Ellipse brought it before the council, and returned with positive news; they were interested. Since then he’s worked as Benzine’s point of contact for the program, eager to try and help an angry troll find peace. Whether or not he follows through, or Benzine finds a lasting peace before he ends up dead, is a separate issue.
He was also there at Roxy and Castle’s wedding when Team Quattro returned from the dead. At their request, he used his old journalist contacts to help disseminate the information the team had uncovered about Project Gypsum to his sources.


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