a.k.a. Alganon


Quiet individual, standing roughly 8ft. tall, about half as wide at his shoulders. Long black hair, slicked back down to his shoulders. Large black horns, about 1ft in length that protrude from above his forehead and slightly curve along his head, almost blending in with his hair. Slight scar going across his right eyebrow. No other notable markings or tattoos. Fairly stocky build with large arms. Slouches heavily just to make himself seem shorter than he naturally is.


Nothing of major notoriety in his life. Lived poorly for his entire life. Only looking to better his lifestyle. Doing what he can to get by, by any means necessary. Now is part of the runner group, Team Quatro. The fun never stops when Quatro is on the job. No current enemies, mostly tries to stay on peoples good sides. When he’s in need, he turns to the ever suave Cool Dennis. Enjoys listening to Tuskgutter during his spare time and secretly enjoys listening to Florence + The Machine as well as Rick Astley. Alganon will never give you up, or let you down.


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