Seattle 2075

Congratulations, Homeowners!

The team purchases an old abandoned fire station, with the intent of fixing it up and using it as the T.R.O.L.L. headquarters.


Oh, and then Barricade and Benzine bought a van.


After which the team took a job from an overworked street doc whose name was revealed to be Dr. Edward van Casper based on his diplomas on his wall. He’s having a hard time finding more staff for his expanding clinic and is offering 10K¥ for each M.D. the team can recruit and 5K¥ for each nurse. They are off to a good start, getting 2K¥ for getting Courtney from the free clinic in the Underground a job as a part-time hire.

The team spent some time scouting the abandoned 7th Firehouse and making an offer. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, but getting a spot was the first step. The team agrees on a one year term of residence in the T.R.O.L.L. facility, to make sure they don’t infringe on the organizations space, or jeopardize it’s future.
They immediately start arguing about the next job. Benzine wanted to take the med tech job as a way to build the team, and get more bang for their buck to get better jobs later. Cobalt Blue wanted to take a job with a party at the end offered by Alganon’s contact Cool Dennis. Outvoted, Benzine leaves in a huff.

The meet is at a swanky club with a Ms. Johnson, the manager for Horatio Velveteen, the premier lounge singer, bringing back the classic sound of the rat pack, #1 show in vegas. Sings, dances, feats of strength. He wanted trolls so he wasn’t the biggest guy in the room. But wanted to be picked up in style, and comfort on Thursday. Needed him at the wshow at 8 on Friday, and delivered to the airport Sunday. No expenses covered, all for 10k split 4 ways.

Deciding it wasn’t worth it, between the vehicle rental, and the low pay, Benzine ducked out. CB bricks Ms. Johnson’s comm on the way out, while she’s using it to complain to Cool Dennis. Missing No. picks up the rest, and Benzine takes off.

They finally decide to take the med tech job. It was simple; they needed to find doctors and nurses for a booming street clinic. Backgrounds and degrees good, but he will take nurses without.
10k for Doctors
5K for Nurses

All for fulltime work; half that for part time. Dr. Johnson’s name was revealed to be Edward van Casper – based on the diplomas on the wall, and the name on the clinic. Gave 8 days before he leaves for vacation.

CB and Ghostbear hack a server, and find a list with 6 grads. Benzine went to the Ork underground to talk to the free clinic volunteer he meets regularly, Courtney. Figuring burnout is high in that environment, and it would be good for other metas to see an Ork doc, he offers it up to her. She’s willing to meet on a part time basis.

Meanwhile, Benzine and Alganon also pick up a piece of shit GMC Hermes that needs a lot of work.


RoboCopsGoneMad Uhh

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