Runner Notes - 7th Firehouse

7th Firehouse : T.R.O.L.L. HQ // Team Quattro Safehouse

Expenses and Endorsements
- 5k Nuyen Mortgage
- 1k from Leslie Joy for setting up a legal front
+ 1k From Ork Underground from Tuition
+ Vehicle and driver to transport students

Ms Harrison, a realtor that showed them the condemned firehouse in the Barrens, specifically Puyallup. Structurally sound, but otherwise empty.
Two large bay areas are full of detritus and other refuse; milk crates, empty booze containers, etc. Recent uses were as a squat. Steel lockers line both walls, covered in graffiti, and the fire pole at the end of the bay is bent. Further back, a long, rectangular window/opening leads to a kitchen in the back.
Stairs lead up to the second floor in an equal state of disrepair. High ceilings make it alright living for the trolls. Access to a small crawlspace on the roof, possibly roof access?
Another staircase leads to the basement with low ceiling and concrete floors. CB determined that the sewers are 60’ away, making an escape tunnel to the sewers a possibility. Basement is also full of junk. Unknown until it’s sorted through.
Reginald Rothstein, Leslie Joy’s lawyer, has taken over the negotiations to broker the deal and cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

There’s no background count, however there have been murders, and there are ghosts. Currently sits in tech gang territory (Can’t remember the name)

Inventory uncovered in mess:
-Old Fire Helmets including troll sizes -Jackets including troll sizes -Empty 02 tanks
-Rebreather Masks -Fire Axes -Lengths of Hose -Old Indiana Jones Pinball Machine

The firehouse has been fully cleaned out and renovated to at least functional. CB has started the process of getting it fit for the technological face of T.R.O.L.L., but the astral side of things is already well underway with the students holding classes in the basement that had been retrofitted and dug out to accommodate the larger orc and troll students, as well as the teachers. Additionally, there is a hidden door with tunnel dug to the sewers should the students need to make a quick escape.

Runner Notes - 7th Firehouse

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