Roxy the Razorgrrl

Matriarch of the Orc Underground


Matriarch of the Seattle Orc Underground. Suffering from terminal breast cancer. Stays completely off grid, preferring to operate only face to face. Blitz is her dedicated courier, who always knows how to get ahold of her. Recently married to Castle. Extremely well connected in the Or’zet and Shadowrunner communities.

Dying from cancer, Team Quattro shows up with a flute Harry had obtained for his own personal use. Unable to be used by the same person more than once, and with charges remaining, the team rushes to let her use it. It breathed new life into her, and she was ready to party.

Before midnight on September 3rd, 2075 she was shot and killed by an assassin from RedFever5.


Roxy the Razorgrrl

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