Seattle 2075

Who needs dialysis?

After a little bit of shopping, the team gathered in Ft. Lewis to stake out the clinic being foreclosed. A pair of assessors arrived, opened the locked and boarded clinic, and presumably began tallying and appraising all the equipment and supplies within.

It was at about that time, that a Thundercloud Morgan came tearing down the street, lost control, rolled a half dozen times and crashed spectacularly. The runners stood down, and watched 2 dwarves emerge, one badly hurt.

Dazed and confused, the less hurt dwarf aided the badly hurt one, got it up and moving and realized that the clinic, though boarded up, was probably a good place to go for medical aid. After trying to get in and failing, the healthy dwarf applied some kind of small explosive to the front door to pop it open… and was greeted with an Ares Predator in his face. There was some sort of verbal exchange, and the auditor quickly let them both in.

Then the gangers showed up. Seemed like these 2 dwarves were fleeing from a few go-gangers, who formed up on the front of the clinic. Not suspecting an attack from the flank as they prepared to storm the clinic, the gangers took cover close enough to each other, that Benzine was able to drop a giant bucket of napalm on them. It was explodey.

Runner Notes – 03 13 16

AAR – Gandalf Is Just Another Stereotype


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