Seattle 2075

Van Casper Medical Recruiting

Barricade drops off his newly acquired shitbox with Rev, and ¥5000 later it’s running strong, uparmored, and got a paintjob.


The team located and recruited 4 nurses to work for Van Casper. Finding an MD was a little bit tougher, so they had to convince Floyd Guiterrez that he really didn’t want to take that hard-earned spot at the Doc Wagon academy.

Coke was planted, drug tests were failed, and Floyd now works for Dr. Van Casper.

Everyone got 6 karma, Cobalt Blue took his payment in cash (¥5025), and the remaining three shares were split as credit for chop shop work, netting Barricade and GhostBear each a cool gift certificate worth ¥22,612 for body work.

Runner Notes – 02 07 16

AAR – Paying it Forward

Reaching Zero


RoboCopsGoneMad Uhh

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