Seattle 2075

The Assassination of Hector Puente - 2

Once the team located Puente’s bungalow, they surrounded it and made their move. They caught him mid-ritual, about to sacrifice one of the regular prostitutes who were being furnished to the prisoners.

Before he had a chance, Barricade emptied a 10 round burst into him, quickly and deftly fulfilling the term of the contract. Unfortunately the ritual in progress was the feeding of a Blood Spirit,

who was none to happy to see his meal taken away. Responding to the gunfire, the team was met on their way out by a guard patrol with a MATILDA drone, which quickly deduced that the giant towering pile of bones and gore was the more direct threat, and proceeded to aid the runners with a hail of grenades.

From there on, it was a matter of forest evasion, and returning to the meet with the head of Hector Puente. The meet was to be at a remote warehouse in the barrens. Catapult and Romeo led the team there, where they discovered Mr. Johnson hard at work clearing the space of ghouls. A couple of beers and a paycheck later, the team was on their way.


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