Seattle 2075


The Introduction of Sully Draggs


Benzine spent his summer cleaning up the firehouse, donating money to The Underground, and spending time with his students. AAR – Humble Beginnings. School stuff. Hasn’t seen much of Harry, but when he does he’s totally pimped out. It’s kinda garish, not classy like real success.Ember still hates the van. The Firehouse is done, it’s all cleaned up and serviceable for students. Been hanging out at the Beer Yard, the local dive in the hood. Started practicing Summoning again after seeing kids use it. Laying low, keeping an eye out for malicious spirits after the run in on the The Assassination of Hector Puente – 2 job. Fake SIN is for a paranormal investigator.

Still curious about the ghost, can only find pop culture references. Watches ghostbusters, prank wars ensue.

Benzine spends 30500 total for:

  • a lightly used Harley Scorpion for 9000¥ (armor rating 7)
    • Sweet ass sidecar 1000¥
  • Rating 5 SIN for 12,500¥ (John Leonard Dow)
    • Magicians License 1000¥
    • Foci License 1000¥
  • Orc Underground donations 6000¥ – (Working for the People, 3K)

Barricade- Got his custom fit body armor. Tried it out a few times, looks great but he sticks out like a football player in full dress. The van has been twitchy, but never anything that threatens its performance. More like weird smells, seat adjustments shifting, mirrors changing and electronics reconfiguring. Bouncing at Leslie Joy.

Through a combination of cash and credit from the Van Casper Medical Recruiting job, he got:

  • Rating 3 SIN License for Armor – 600¥
  • Chem seal on Security Armor – 3000¥
  • Rating 6 Non-conductivity – 1500¥
  • Helmet Mods – 1050¥
  • Berwick Suit and Argentum Coat – 7200¥
  • Reaction Enhancer Upgrade to R3 – 13000¥ (7K¥ Cash, 6K¥ credit)

Cobalt Blue – Topsy and he have gotten pretty close. She seems to have stopped playing the field and is pretty loyal to CB. She’s built up her own network of connections, and is only working shadow jobs once in a while. She’s got a legit freelancing business, writing software for debugging AIs. She’s kinda like a medic/shrink for them, and needs to write her own tools.

Sonny has been in touch now and again with very mysterious jobs. They are all very little, netting a couple hundred ¥ every week or so, but CB can’t really see the big picture. It’s everything from looking stuff up, to planting trojans. The last job was to deploy an unknown payload on a specific PolyPockets 3000. It feels like operational compartmentalization to CB.

Spent some time finishing up the firehouse. There is a basic nerdry on the roof that Cobalt has wired up with signal boosters, filters, and jammers. He’s got pretty good control of the matrix signal in the building.

CB buys:

  • Rating 6 Agent – 12K¥
  • Riot Armor w Helmet – 6K¥


Olympics prep is in full swing. Construction is everywhere. Lots of blackmail jobs on RunnerHub as contractors try to get leverage over any officials they couldn’t bribe.

A jowly, pasty old white human male is on screen, dressed in a classy Berwick suit and deep crimson tie.

“If the Seattle Metroplex is incapable of committing the necessary funding to make the 2076 Olympics a success, then I don’t BLAME Saeder-Krupp or Shiawase for questioning whether they participate. This isn’t a threat, it’s a simple business decision, and the least the citizens of Seattle can do to ensure broad participation in the games, across all sovereignties, is pony up. Now, thats not to say the Tir and the NaaN aren’t expected to contribute…"

“Obviously, obviously” agreed the host.

“But corporate participation in the games is innately different than that of nation states, and the financial expectations should be adjusted accordingly. The real question I think the people of Seattle want answered, is: why does City Council hate the Olympics?"

Meanwhile, in The Shadows…

Rumors abound that a couple of deckers, and even a handful of civilians have been involved in some unpleasantness in the matrix. Apparently a host somewhere has a “leaky foundation”, and people affected have been reporting that they can’t seem to turn AR off anymore. Even when they aren’t using their comms, they are constantly bombarded with spam. No corroboration in the media yet.

The Setup

While out for dinner to celebrate the start of their first full school year, the team is having a proper sit-down Italian meal. Place isn’t too crowded, kinda empty. Team sits to face the various exits. During the 2nd round of drinks, just about to polish off the appetizers when CB turns pale and stares at the main entrance with linguini hanging out of his mouth. In walks his parole officer, Kosmo Sumitomo who makes a direct line for the table, takes a seat and pours himself a glass of wine from CBs glass.

“Good evening Mr. Kropop. This is an impressive meal on a teachers salary; I do trust you are enjoying yourself?"

“Yes yes, very good. Can’t say I blame you for not going out for Mexican… "

He trails off and seems to be staring through Benzine for a moment.

“Ah this must be your chummer Ben. It’s nice to finally meet you in the flesh sir."

Sumitomo gives Alganon a curt nod, understanding his penchant for silence, and orders himself a chicken parm to go. The PO is there to make them an offer. He is currently faced with a dilemma; he could turn them over to the Azzies for a 50K payday, or he could turn them over to Knight Errant Shadow Runner Unit (KESRU) for a probable promotion. Of course, there is a third way, and Kosmo offers to make both problems go away for the team for a price. 25K¥ upfront, PLUS 2500¥ a month to keep quiet, and keep the team aware of what KESRD knows. Those are per-runner prices.

“So you can see, I’m faced with a tough decision."

He pauses. Sizes up the crew.

“I hate having to make tough decisions."

Cobalt Blue offers to execute a job for Sumitomo instead of paying the extortion. He agrees, and tells them that this job will require a medical specialist to confirm the authenticity of the item he wants procured.

They agree, and are soon joined by Sully Drags, the street medic who has the job info. He explains that they are to infiltrate a bio-med startup called Exogen22, which is located in the University of Washington medical research area… somewhere.

After asking around at a local Soybucks, the team learns that the med students tend to pledge Sigma Tau. Since it is early September, parties are in full swing, and they crash one. Barricade is a big hit at the party, and a few distractions are employed. CB sifts through the partygoers comms till he finds one with a mention of Exogen22 in it, and proceeds to hack in and copy some files.

Unfortunately, this attracts the attention of an elite MCT security spider. The resulting cybercombat is swift, brutal, and near deadly for Cobalt Blue, who suffers a bricked deck and fatal dumpshock, only to be revived in the nick of time by Benzine’s swift action in casting a healing spell.

Runner Notes – 09 10 16


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